Monday July 25 2016


Sometimes you get to do pretty cool things as a Photographer. Being on Assignment with Haka Tours Adventure Tour Company was one of those things. Getting paid to travel New Zealand while capturing images, two things I love to do, is very cool. 

I'm not saying this to boast or to gloat, but rather to remind myself why I do this and I'm always humble when receiving these opportunities.

With that being said, I flew from Auckland to Christchurch, then travelled by tour bus to Queenstown over a number of days. This in itself is an amazing experience, travelling through such a beautiful country and passing through so many diverse landscapes.


The 'Adventure Tour' I was on was a Ski Tour. This meant having the laborious task of skiing as much as possible while capturing images! Sounds pretty sweet, and it was! But in all honesty, it wasn't until I was finished with the tour and knew that we had the images that I began to relax and get into nailing the slopes.


Being on location and doing what you love is truly a unique experience.

This assignment has reignited my passion for travel. There is nothing like the feeling of exploring new places and soaking up new experiences. Something which I crave and will continue to share here with you.

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