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Monday April 11 2016


Photography gives you many life gifts - one of those is the quiet moments.


I shoot a lot during sunrise and at this time you’re usually alone; at least in respect of other people. I truly value the moments you connect into the world and feel what’s going on around you.


I get to see some extraordinary moments, and capture them too. Photography forces you to slow down and observe these moments - often a stark contrast to regular daily life where things are going a million miles an hour


Creating images for me is a truly emotional journey. This is what I try to get across in my captures, if only as a small window into another world.


Quiet moments are valuable and important for me; time to gather thoughts, release them, and move forward.


Below are a few images from the past week of quiet moments…





Sunday April 24 2016


Over the past few weeks I have been working on shooting a series of images that tell more of a story, than a single image can. I wanted to use some sort of plane to symbolize escape & adventure, so I settled on a Seaplane. Along with my Pilot, Jac, the following images were created.


Thank you to Auckland Seaplanes for allowing me to capture the plane, and especially to Steven Newland for being so accommodating.



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